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Books (single author)

Gandini, A. (2020). Zeitgeist Nostalgia: On Populism, Work and the ‘Good Life’. London: Zero Books, John Hunt Publishing.

Gandini, A. (2016). The Reputation Economy. Understanding knowledge work in digital society. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. [Read the review by Bruno Moriset here.] Translated in Italian as: L’economia della reputazione. Il lavoro della conoscenza nella società digitale (2019), Milano: Ledizioni. 

Gandini, A. (2016). Freelance. Milano: Doppiozero.  

Books (co-author)

Caliandro, A., Gandini, A. (2019). I metodi digitali nella ricerca sociale. Roma: Carocci. 

Caliandro, A., Gandini A. (2017) Qualitative research in digital environments: A research toolkit. London: Routledge. [Read the introduction here.]

Edited collections and special issues

Arcidiacono, D., Gandini, A., Pais, I.  (2018, eds). Unboxing the Sharing Economy: opportunities and risks of the era of collaboration, The Sociological Review, 66 (2).
[This collection is part of The Sociological Review Monograph Series - it is also available as a book here.]

Arthurs, J., Drakopoulou, S., Gandini, A. (2018, eds.). YouTube Special Issue. Convergence: The International Journal of Research Into New Media Technologies, 24 (1). 

Graham, A., Gandini, A. (2017, eds.) Collaborative Production in the Creative Industries. London: University of Westminster Press. 

Academic journal articles 

Gandini, A. (2020) Digital labour: an empty signifier? Media, Culture and Society, DOI: 0163443720948018. 

Bainotti L., Caliandro, A., Gandini, A. From archive cultures to ephemeral content, and back: studying Instagram Stories with digital methods.New Media and Society, DOI: 1461444820960071.

Bonini, T., Gandini, A. Ethnographic research in the agee of platforms.Social Media + Society (forthcoming).

Bonini, T., Gandini A. (2020). 'First week is editorial, second week is algorithmic': platform gatekeepers and the platformization of music curation. Social Media + Society, DOI:

Gandini, A., Cossu, A. (2019). The third wave of coworking: neo-corporate movement vs resilient practice. European Journal of Cultural Studies, DOI:

Gandini, A. (2019) Labour Process Theory and the Gig Economy. Human Relations, 72(6), 1039-1056. 

D'Ovidio, M. & Gandini, A. (2019). The functions of social interaction in the knowledge-creative economy: between co-presence and ICT-mediated social relations. Sociologica, 13 (1), 51-66. 

Pantano, E. & Gandini, A. (2018). Shopping as a 'networked experience': an emerging framework in the retail industry. International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management, 7: 690-704, DOI: 

Arcidiacono, D., Gandini, A., Pais, I. (2018). Sharing what? The Sharing Economy in the sociological debate. The Sociological Review, 66 (2), 275-288.

Arcidiacono, D., Gandini, A., Pais, I. (2018). Sharing our way into the future. The Sociological Review, 66 (2), 275-288.

Arthurs, J., Drakopoulou, S., Gandini, A. (2018). Researching YouTube. Convergence: The International Journal of Research Into New Media Technologies, 24 (1), 3-15.

Pantano E., Gandini, A. (2017). Exploring the forms of sociality mediated by innovative technologies in retail settings. Computers in Human Behaviour, 77, 367-373.

Gandini, A. (2017). Informazione, “dadaismo digitale” e socialità di rete. Problemi dell'Informazione, 1 (XLII), 105-122.

Bonini, T. & Gandini, A. (2016). Invisible, solidary, unbranded and passionate. Everyday life as a freelance and precarious worker in four Italian radio stations. Work Organisation, Labour and Globalisation, 10 (2), 84-100.

Gandini, A., Pais, I., Beraldo, D. (2016). Reputation and Trust on Digital Marketplaces: The Reputation Economy of Elance. Work Organisation, Labour and Globalisation, 10 (1): 27-43.

Airoldi, M. Beraldo, D. & Gandini, A. (2016). Follow the Algorithm. An Exploratory Investigation of Music on YouTube. Poetics, 57, 1-13, DOUI:10.1016/j.poetic.2016.05.001. 

Gandini, A. (2016). Digital work: Self-branding and social capital in the freelance knowledge economy. Marketing Theory, 16(1), 123-141. DOI: 10.1177/1470593115607942.

Gandini, A. (2015). The rise of coworking spaces. A literature review. Ephemera: Theory and Politics in Organization, 15 (1), 192-205.

Gandini, A. (2015). Assessing the job quality of ‘digital professions’: a case of extreme work. Studi di Sociologia, 4-15.

Gandini, A. (2015). Il lavoro freelance: reputazione e capitale sociale nell’era del “lavoro digitale”. Quaderni di Sociologia, 4-15.

Pais, I. and Gandini, A (2015). Looking for a job online. Sociologia del Lavoro, 137, 115-129.

Gandini, A. (2015). The Rise of Freelance Work in Italy. Global Dialogue, 4.4.  [Available at:]

Gandini, A. (2014). Celebrità Digitale: Riflessioni sul “caso Daft Punk”. Studi Culturali, 1/2014, 137-152.

D'Ovidio, M. and Gandini, A. (2014). Place-based and virtual embeddedness of knowledge and creative workers in Milan. Lo Squaderno. Explorations in Space and Society, 31/2014, 25-28.

Book chapters 

Gandini, A, Pais I. (2020). Reputation and Personal Branding in the Platform Economy. In: S. Luckman, S. Taylor (eds.), Pathways into Creative Working Lives, London: Springer, pp. 231-248.

Gandini, A. (2019) Reputation, the 'fictitious commodity' of the Sharing Economy? In: Bardhi, F., Belk, R. Eckhardt, G. (eds.), Handbook of Sharing. London: Edward Elgar Books, pp. 375-384.

Bandinelli, C., Gandini A. (2019) Creative Hubs vs Creative Networks: Understanding the network sociality of knowledge and creative workers in London. In: R. Gill & T. Virani (eds), Creative Hubs in Question. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 89-110.

Gandini A., Leonini L. (2019). The myth of flexibility. Young adults’ expectations of work in the digital economy in Milan. In: E. Colombo, P. Rebughini (eds), Youth and the Politics of the Present. London: Routledge, pp. 101-112.

Gandini, A. Pais, I. (2017). Social recruiting: control and surveillance in a digitised labour market. In: P. Moore, M. Upchurch, X. Whittaker (eds.) Humans and Machines at Work: Monitoring, Surveillance and Automation in Contemporary Capitalism. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, pp.125-149.

Gandini, A. Bandinelli, C. & Cossu, A. (2017). Collaborating, competing, coworking, coalescing: artists, freelancers and social entrepreneurs as the 'new subjects' of knowledge work after the creative class. In: Graham, J. & Gandini, A. (eds.), Collaborative Production in the Creative Industries. London: University of Westminster Press.

Arvidsson, A., Gandini, A., and Bandinelli, C. (2016). The Ethics of Self-Branding Among Freelance Knowledge Workers. In: M. Crain, W. Poster & M.A. Cherry (eds.), Invisible Labour, University of California Press, pp. 239-256.

Gandini, A. (2016). Libera, ma non dal branding: radiografia della musica indipendente in Italia. In: L. Barra, T. Bonini, S. Splendore (eds.), Backstage: Studi sulla produzione dei media in Italia. Milano: Unicopli, pp. 127-138.

Bonini, T. and Gandini, A. (2015). Invisible workers of the invisible medium. An ethnographic approach to Italian public and private radio freelance producers. In: V. Mayer, M. Banks, & B. Conor (eds.), Production Studies The Sequel!. London: Routledge, pp. 138-149.

Gandini, A. (2015). Social media e lavoro autonomo. Precarietà, lavoro gratuito, innovazione. Quaderni del Premio Giorgio Rota, 2-2014, Centro Einaudi, Torino, pp. 11-24 [Available here.] Winner of the “Giorgio Rota Best Paper Award 2013”.

Gandini, A. (2014). Online Social Influence and the Evaluation of Creative Practice. A Critique of Klout. In H.C. Suhr (eds), Online Evaluation of Creativity and the Arts. New York: Routledge, pp. 150-168.

Gandini, A. (2012). Neoliberalism and ICTs. Late Capitalism in Cultural Perspective. In: L. Pellizzoni, M. Ylonen (eds), Neoliberalism and Technoscience. Critical Assessments, Farnham: Ashgate, pp. 75-92.