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Current projects

January 2021 – December 2025: Craft work: Understanding the relationship between identity and work in the context of the “future of work”CRAFTWORK. Funded by: European Research Council - ERC Starting Grant 2020. Role: Principal investigator.

April 2020-March 2022: Public perception of algorithms in society: accounting for the algorithmic public opinion – ALGOCOUNT. Funded by: Fondazione Cariplo. Role: Scientific Coordinator.

May 2020 – November 2021: I generi musicali nell'era di Spotify: costruzione sociale, fruizione computazionale e pratiche produttivo-distributive – SPOTIGEM. Funded by: Università degli Studi di Milano, SEED grant scheme. Role: Principal Investigator.

2019-2023: COST Action CA18214 - The geography of New Working Spaces and the impact on the periphery. Role: Secondary Proposer. (Academic lead: Prof Ilaria Mariotti). Read more

Past projects 

2018: Technologically Fabricated Intimacy: Dating Apps, Gamification and Blockchain Technology. Role: Academic lead, in collaboration with Marija Bozinovska Jones.  Read more

2014-2015: Social Recruiting: An International Study (Academic lead: Prof. Ivana Pais).

2013-2015: P2Pvalue (Academic lead: Prof. Adam Arvidsson). Read more